Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks – Reviews and Guide

Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks – Review and Guide

If you’re looking for a job at Kaiser, then you must be aware of Kaiser Employee Benefits that offered by the company for you.

Kaiser offers an extensive Healthcare plan (Kaiser Health Insurance), Life Insurance, Vision Plan, Dental Coverage, 401 (k) Plan, Mental Health Care, Disability Insurance, Retirement Plan, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays, Bereavement Leave, Mobile Phone Discount, Company Social Events, Employee Discount, Professional Development,  Tuition Assistance, and many additional Kaiser benefits and perks to its staff.

Kaiser Employee Benefits

So, if you are an employee at Kaiser, then check this Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks details which you can enjoy. Here is a brief account of the Kaiser Employees Benefits Review.

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About Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente is a pharmaceutical giant in the hospitals and health care industry. The Kaiser company was founded by Henry J. Kaiser as a subsidiary and to provide healthcare options for the Kaiser Shipyards company’s employees.

Kaiser Employee Benefits

Kaiser has over 220,000 employees and 23,000 physicians across the USA. Kaiser also offers attractive Kaiser benefits and perks for its staff to provide them the best workplace. In fact, Kaiser is the best healthcare firm that features numbers of in-house medical services in its Kaiser employee benefits program.

What are Kaiser’s Employee Benefits?

Kaiser knows the value of its employees. So, to keep them loyal and happy,  Kaiser Permanente offers comprehensive Kaiser Employee Benefits with great work-culture and employee-friendly policies.

Here is an overview of Kaiser Employee Benefits program

Kaiser Employee Benefits Description
Health Insurance
  • Free on-site healthcare for staff and their families.
  • $5 copay for prescriptions
Vision Insurance
  • Pays up to $2,500 for all of the eye-related medical exams
  • Free of cost contacts or glasses every two years
Dental Insurance Pays up to $1,900 for preventive dental care, orthodontia services, and reconstructive surgeries
401(K) Plan Kaiser matches up to 1.25% on 5% contribution of employees
Mental Health Care $10 copay fee for each visit and for prescription
Retirement Plan Matches up to 6% for 403(b) plus pension
Disability Insurance  Offers up to 60% salary coverage for disabilities more than 60 months
Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • 4 weeks before birth maternity leave
  • 12 weeks after birth maternity leave
  • 6 weeks of paternity leave after the birth
Vacation & Paid Time Off  9 paid vacation days every year plus manager-approved PTO
Paid Holidays 6 set holidays plus 4 floating holidays every year
Bereavement Leave
Mobile Phone Discount
  • 20% discount on T-Mobile
  • 20% discount on Sprint
  • 21% discount on Verizon
Employee Discount Offers discounts on pharmacies, theme parks, gym memberships, movies, dinner shows, etc.
Professional Development Offers free seminars, conferences, and skill development programs for employees.
Company Social Events 
Tuition Assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement up to $3,000 plus
  • $500 for books and education-related travel costs

Which are the best Kaiser Employees Benefits and Perks?

Kaiser employee benefits are best among the industry. Kaiser offers extensive health insurance, retirement plan, vision/dental coverage, and vacation & paid time off are the best-known employee benefits from Kaiser.

Followings are the most comprehensive Kaiser employee benefits:

  • Exclusive Healthcare insurance including Dental and Vision coverage.
  • Best retirement plan including match-up of 6% for 403(b) plus pension plan
  • 9 paid vacation days every year plus manager-approved PTO 
  • 16 weeks of maternity leave plus 6 weeks of paternity leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mentorship programs
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) including Healthcare, Dependent Care, and Transit FSA.

Kaiser Employee Benefits

The best benefit of working at Kaiser is its vacation policy. It offers 9 paid vacation days every year plus manager-approved PTO for all. The company also offers 4 weeks before birth maternity leave, 12 weeks after birth maternity leave, and 6 weeks of paternity leave after the birth. 

The health insurance plan from Kaiser covers Dental and Vision coverage with no pays on visits and $5 copay for prescriptions. There is also an option to add additional mental healthcare coverage for salaried Kaiser employees.

Kaiser’s retirement plan is another star amongst Kaiser’s employee benefits. It offers retirement income including match-up of 6% for 403(b) plus pension plan. Besides this, Employee Discounts and up to 20% Mobile Phone Discount on T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have an extremely high employee retention rate amongst Kaiser’s employee benefits.

Kaiser Employee Benefits

Kaiser also offers professional training like free seminars, conferences, and other skill development programs for employees.

Kaiser Employee Benefits does not apply for hourly employees except basic healthcare coverage. 

Kaiser Employee Benefits Part-Time/Full Time

Kaiser has an extremely high employee retention rate in the industry. Kaiser offers first-class career benefits for its staff which could have a great impact on its employees’ careers. In fact, Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks is one of the greatest reasons cause of which Kaiser is considered a good place to work.

Kaiser Employee Benefits are always reserved for salaried employees. Kaiser Employee Benefits does not apply for hourly employees except basic healthcare coverage.

Kaiser Employee Benefits

Kaiser’s part-time employee can get only half of the PTO. Whereas manager approval is essentially required for Tuition reimbursement.

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Hope that you will be happy with the details available here on Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks.

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Kaiser FAQs

Who owns Kaiser?

ANS: The ownership structure: Kaiser Permanente is a privately owned, non-profit company. Primary Subsidiary Businesses: Kaiser Permanente is an entity that has three business segments tied through exclusive contracts: Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, Inc.; Kaiser Foundation Hospitals as well as Permanente Medical Groups.

What is Kaiser in us?

ANS: Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest non-profit healthcare insurance plans within the United States, with more than 12 million participants. It runs 39 hospitals and over 700 medical offices comprising more than 300,000 employees comprising more than 87,000 doctors and nurses.

What is Kaiser known for?

ANS: Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading healthcare providers, as well as nonprofit healthcare plans. Our health insurance plan funds the medical care provided by more than 23,656 doctors of Kaiser Permanente Medical Groups, 65,005 nurses, and 75,000 other health professionals at our 39 hospitals as well as 734 healthcare facilities.

Does Kaiser give a signing bonus?

ANS: Sign-up bonus of $50. Performance and safety bonuses every week. Deliver packages to both homes and businesses in a safe and timely way. We will give you a lot of training, 2020-specific…

Is working at Kaiser worth it?

ANS: Glassdoor lists Kaiser Permanente as a 2019 Best Place to Work based on employee feedback. Our employees are what make Kaiser Permanente the best place to work and enable us to achieve our mission of providing high-quality, affordable care to members, patients, and communities.

Do Kaiser employees get a pension?

ANS: This defined benefit pension plan gives you an income in retirement based on your salary and years of service. All of the money for this plan comes from Kaiser Permanente. After 5 years of service, you have a right to the plan.

What should I wear to a Kaiser interview?

ANS: Dress for an interview in clothes that are conservative and appropriate for work. Dress just a little bit better than the job you want.

How do you answer confidently interview questions?

ANS: So, give a clear, short, and interesting summary of who you are and what you’ve done. Don’t talk about your own life. Instead, highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the job. Talk about your present, your past, and your plans for the future.

How often do Kaiser employees get raises?

ANS: Every year. If you are union full-time, it’s two raises per year.

Does Kaiser offer pensions for employees?

ANS: Kaiser Permanente Physicians and Employees Retirement Plan

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