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GE Employee Benefits

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GE Employee Benefits – General Electric Employee Benefits

GE, generally known as The General Electric Company an American multinational conglomerate based in Boston. It was founded in 1892 when J. P. Morgan.

GE is also one of the biggest conglomerates in the mechanical and industrial engineering industry that operates through aviation, healthcare, renewable energy, power, digital industry, venture capital and finance, additive manufacturing, and lighting segments.

GE Employee Benefits

As of January 2020, The General Electric Company has more than 283,000 employees to serve continuously worldwide.

So, check below some general comments and reviews from GE employees on GE Employee Benefits and Perks.

About GE 

GE is a short name to mean General Electric an American company founded in 2892 by the well-known JP Morgan.

GE has grown to become one of the largest conglomerates, focusing on industrial and mechanical engineering since its beginning.

Additionally, the company is a multifaceted company that is serving the digital industry as well as the renewable energy sector, venture capital as well as finance aviation as well as other sectors of the business sector.

In the month of January 2020, they reported that GE had more than 283,000 employees working on different tasks for the company.

The number of employees covered by the GE benefit plan helps ease the burden of living and work schedules on employees.

GE Employee Benefits and Perks Details

Here is a short report on the GE Employee Benefits program. 

GE Employee Benefits


GE Employee Benefits Description
Health Insurance An all-encompassing healthcare plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
401(K) Plan Matchup to 8% on Roth contribution 
Dental Insurance GE Dental insurance covers all tests except adult braces
Vision Insurance covers all kinds of eye-related medical assistance. Free contacts lens or glasses every year.
Retirement Plan/GE retirement benefits
  • The best retirement plan in the industry.
  • Availability to cash in case, if you leave GE before retirement
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Compensation of 2.5 X of the employee’s salary is granted
Charitable Gift Matching  Offers 100% matching on up to $5,000/year
Work From Home  Allows to work from home
Fertility Assistance
  • GE employee adoption benefits
  • GE offers Fertility assistance of up to $30,000 with IVF
Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • 4 weeks before birth maternity leave
  • 6 weeks after birth maternity leave
  • 4 weeks of Paternity Leave after birth with PTO
Volunteer Time Off  1 week off for volunteering
Vacation & Paid Time Off  Up to 3 consecutive weeks of vacation is available.
Employee Discount  Up to 20% discounts for staff on GE and non-GE products
Job Training  On-job training
Gym Membership 
  • Free membership at selected gyms
  • 50% reimbursement for Gym
Tuition Assistance Up to $50,000/year reimbursement

Best Employee Benefits at GE – Employee Benefits GE

Besides GE Employee Benefits, The General Electric Company is best known for its work-life balance.

The company has great employee retention due to the best GE Employee Benefits which include 401(k) Plan, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Vacation & Paid Time Off.

GE Employee Benefits

Here are a few more best-known GE employee benefits – 

  • Health insurance plan.
  • GE 401 (k) matches up to 8%.
  • 3 weeks of vacation time.
  • Option to work from home.
  • 10 weeks of maternity leave plus 4 weeks of paternity leave.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Job training.
  • GE employee adoption benefits

GE provides various retirement benefits and investment options, available for all with different risks.

GE also matches up to 8% on employees’ Roth contributions.  

GE also provides up to 3 consecutive weeks of vacation, 1 week off for volunteering, and approved leave as long as employees want through their GE vacation policy. 

GE Employee Benefits

The company also provides up to 10 weeks of maternity leave and 4 weeks of paternity leave for expecting parents to assist them.

Employees can also avail 10% to 20% on all GE and non-GE products.

Besides GE healthcare employee benefits and Life Insurance, GE also offers GE aviation employee benefits, GE oil and gas employee benefits, GE retiree benefits, and GE pension benefits.

Does GE’s Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Yes, GE employee benefits change in accordance with the employee’s job position and region.

GE is a multinational company with branches throughout the world. GE employee benefits change slightly for each region.

Like GE 401(k) plan is available only in the US. In addition to this, tuition assistance and fertility assistance are available for developed countries only.

GE employee benefits also differ from the employee’s job positions.

  • GE retirement benefits are equivalent worldwide.

GE Employee Benefits

GE Employee Benefits Team

  • Kevin Cox – Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

GE Employee Discount 2022

A voluntary benefits program that includes significant employee discounts on auto, home, condo, and renters insurance.

It also features the unique Personal Excess Liability (PEL) benefit.1 Our licensed insurance professionals are also GE employees who understand your unique needs.

You can reach them via MS Teams chat, phone, or email.

Employee auto discount: With your employee discount, you can save up to 15% on your car insurance.

New customer discount

Our standard car insurance rates can be cut by 7% to 15% for new customers. Our standard home insurance rates can be cut by up to 10% for people who buy it for the first time.

Payroll deduction program discount

When you sign up for the payroll deduction program, you can save about $145 on premiums and service fees over the life of your policy.

Electric/Hybrid vehicle discount: When you insure an electric or hybrid car with us, you can save 10% off our regular car insurance rates.

Auto and home bundled coverage discount

We can save you up to 15% on your car insurance and up to 25% on your home insurance if you get both from us.

More discounts

You may also be eligible for discounts for being a safe driver, not stealing, having a safety device, and so on.

Discover GE Jobs and Careers

GE Employee Benefits Summary

  • GE Retirement & Financial Benefits
    • 401(k) Plan
    • Profit-Sharing
    • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
    • Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  • GE Health & Insurance Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Long-term Disability Insurance
    • Severance Pay
    • Supplemental Unemployment
    • Temporary Disability Insurance
    • Tuition assistance and Fertility assistance

GE Employee Benefits


So, this is all about the benefits of working at GE. If you are searching for a job at GE, you must be aware of all GE Employee Benefits.

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If you still have a question on GE employee benefits (employee benefits GE) or anything else, then let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible


Do GE employees get discounts on flights?

ANS: GE employees are able to save money on their next trip or vacation travel with Travel and Vacation Discounts on Airline Flights as well as Car Rentals hotels, cruises, camping, and RVs as well as Resort Deals.

Does GE offer bonuses?

ANS: The General Electric Company Annual Executive Incentive Plan (“the “Plan”) is an annual bonus program based on performance that rewards and motivates executives who are eligible to be part of the Company to meet the operational, financial, and strategic objectives of their businesses during the Plan Year.

Does GE give employees stock?

ANS: anyone who is a GE employee can choose to use this option, basing it on the Basis of salary, GE will also credit certain stocks to you.

If you are on a short-term contract, and you wish to withdraw funds, the final amount won’t be as great due to processing charges and the conversion of Dollars to Rupees.

Does GE give raises?

ANS: General Electric Co. (GE) is considering an alternative to the standard annual raise in accordance with Bloomberg.

GE management isn’t convinced that raises like this as a long-time strategy for compensation are not cutting it in the modern working environment.

Do GE employees get discounts?

ANS: GE Employee Discounts, special pricing, and perks are available on products and services that employees and retirees use every day.

As a member, you can get discounts on travel, insurance, car rentals, prescriptions, cell phones, tires, movies, theme parks, and more.

How do I access my GE benefits?

ANS: OneHR.ge.com gives you a customized way to access your pay, benefits, and HR services at GE.

Retirees in the US can look through OneHR to find answers to their questions without having to look for a phone number.

How many employees work for GE?

ANS: In 2021, about 168,000 people worked for General Electric around the world. General Electric does business in almost every part of the world.

In fact, it serves more than 180 countries. GE is involved in energy, aircraft parts, medical electrical devices, and lighting, among other things.

What is it like to work at GE?

ANS: GE Corporate is a great place to work for people of all ages and with the right skills. Great chances to move up and get promoted in all areas.

Great teamwork and a friendly atmosphere. People who are active and want to get things done make the best teams.

Is GE Power a good place to work?

ANS: Out of the 2941 reviews of GE Power employees, 86% were good. The other 14% were helpful reviews that were meant to help GE Power improve its way of working.

With 97% positive reviews, the Business Development team at GE Power has had the best experience of all the departments at the company.

How many employees does GE have?

ANS: From 2010 to 2022, an interactive chart shows how many people work for General Electric (GE) around the world each year.

In 2021, General Electric had 168,000 employees, which was 3.45% less than in 2020. In 2020, General Electric had 174,000 employees, which was 15.12% less than in 2019.