GE Employee Benefits – GE Employee Benefits and Perks Details

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GE Employee Benefits

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GE Employee Benefits – General Electric Employee Benefits

GE, generally known as The General Electric Company an American multinational conglomerate based in Boston. It was founded in 1892 when J. P. Morgan.

GE is also one of the biggest conglomerates in the mechanical and industrial engineering industry that operates through aviation, healthcare, renewable energy, power, digital industry, venture capital and finance, additive manufacturing, and lighting segments.

GE Employee Benefits

As of January 2020, The General Electric Company has more than 283,000 employees to serve continuously worldwide. So, check below some general comments and reviews from GE employees on GE Employee Benefits and Perks.

GE Employee Benefits and Perks Details

Here is a short report on the GE Employee Benefits program. 

GE Employee Benefits

GE Employee Benefits Description
Health Insurance An all-encompassing healthcare plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
401(K) Plan Matchup to 8% on Roth contribution 
Dental Insurance GE Dental insurance covers all tests except adult braces
Vision Insurance covers all kinds of eye-related medical assistance. Free contacts lens or glasses every year.
Retirement Plan/GE retirement benefits
  • Best retirement plan in the industry.
  • Availability to cash in case, if you leave GE before retirement
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Compensation of 2.5 X of employee’s salary is granted
Charitable Gift Matching  Offers 100% matching on up to $5,000/year
Work From Home  Allows to work from home
Fertility Assistance
  • GE employee adoption benefits
  • GE offers Fertility assistance of up to $30,000 with IVF
Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • 4 weeks before birth maternity leave
  • 6 weeks after birth maternity leave
  • 4 weeks Paternity Leave after birth with PTO
Volunteer Time Off  1 week off for volunteering
Vacation & Paid Time Off  Up to 3 consecutive weeks of vacation is available.
Employee Discount  Up to 20% discounts for staff on GE and non-GE products
Job Training  On-job training
Gym Membership 
  • Free membership at selected gyms
  • 50% reimbursement for Gym
Tuition Assistance Up to $50,000/year reimbursement

Best Employee Benefits at GE – Employee Benefits GE

Besides GE Employee Benefits, The General Electric Company is best known for its work-life balance. The company has great employee retention due to the best GE Employee Benefits which includes 401(k) Plan, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Vacation & Paid Time Off.

GE Employee Benefits

Here’s are few more best-known GE employee benefits – 

  • Health insurance plan.
  • GE 401 (k) match up to 8%.
  • 3 weeks of vacation time.
  • Option to work from home.
  • 10 weeks of maternity leave plus 4 weeks of paternity leave.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Job training.
  • GE employee adoption benefits

GE provides various retirement benefits and investment options, available for all with different risks. GE also matches up to 8% on employee’s Roth contributions.  

GE also provides up to 3 consecutive weeks of vacation, 1 week off for volunteering, and approved leave as long as employees want through their GE vacation policy. 

GE Employee Benefits

The company also provides up to 10 weeks of maternity leave and 4 weeks of paternity leave for expecting parents to assist them. Employees can also avail 10% to 20% on all GE and non-GE products.

Besides GE healthcare employee benefits and Life Insurance, GE also offers GE aviation employee benefits, GE oil and gas employee benefits, GE retiree benefits, and GE pension benefits.

Does GE’s Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Yes, GE employee benefits changes in accordance with the employee’s job position and region.

GE is a multinational company with branches throughout the world. GE employee benefits change slightly for each region. Like GE 401(k) plan is available only in the US. In addition to this, tuition assistance and fertility assistance is available for developed countries only. GE employee benefits also differ from the employee’s job positions.

  • GE retirement benefits are equivalent worldwide.

GE Employee Benefits

GE Employee Benefits Team

  • Kevin Cox – Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

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GE Employee Benefits Summary

  • GE Retirement & Financial Benefits
    • 401(k) Plan
    • Profit-Sharing
    • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
    • Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  • GE Health & Insurance Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Long-term Disability Insurance
    • Severance Pay
    • Supplemental Unemployment
    • Temporary Disability Insurance
    • Tuition assistance and Fertility assistance

GE Employee Benefits


So, this is all about the benefits of working at GE. If you are searching for a job at GE, you must be aware of all GE Employee Benefits. Like GE employee health benefits, GE oil and gas employee benefits, aviation employee benefits, GE employee adoption benefits, GE employee benefits login and site, GE employee benefits phone number, etc.

If you still have a question on GE employee benefits (employee benefits GE) or anything else, then let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible

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  1. I began working with GE Capital on August or September of 1990. I went on disability on November 2001. I received a letter from The Hartford, disability provider, stating benefits are reduced by other benefits a claimant receives or is entitled to receive. These benefits include retirement or pension benefits paid. The Hartford’s file indicate that I may be eligible to receive pension or retirement benefits through my employee. I have been given a questionnaire to complete regarding retirement/ pension benefits. I will be 62 in June 2020.
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