Citibank Employee Benefits and Perks

Citibank Employee Benefits and Perks

Citibank offers a unique and comprehensive Citibank employee benefits package for its staff which has great impacts on their life. And, if you a CitiBank employee, then you must check this report on Citibank employee benefits. 

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Citibank Employee Benefits

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Why Citibank benefits and Perks

Citibank is one of the biggest multinational financial services provider based in Manhattan, New York. Citibank was founded in 1812, as City Bank of New York.

Currently, Citibank serves more than 200 million customers across 160 countries worldwide. The financial group has more than 204,000 employees in order to provide the best financial services.

Citibank Employee Benefits

With so great numbers of skilled individuals, the company seeks to keep its staff happy and loyal. So, Citibank offers a great a handsome Citibank Employee Benefits program for its staff which had a great impact on their career

Citibank employee benefits Team

  • Sara Wechter – Head of Human Resources

What Are Citibank Employee Benefits

Citibank Employee Benefits

Here is a brief account of Citibank Employee Benefits and Perks –

Citibank Employee Benefits Description
Health Insurance
  • Citibank employee health benefits
  • Best health care plan from Met Life coverage for basic healthcare, dental, and vision
401(k) Plan/Citibank employee benefits 401k Citibank matches 100% of employee’s first 6% contribution
Dental Insurance Two different dental plans. Covers two cleanings/year
Vision Insurance
  • free pair of glasses or contacts per each year
  • one free exam plus discounts on prices
Retirement Plan Multiple options to invest. Like stock options, target-date funds, etc.
Disability Insurance
Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
Work from Home  Facility to work from home with flexible hours in accordance with job position.
Maternity & Paternity Leave 
  • 12 to 16 weeks for maternity leave
  • 4 to 10 weeks for paternity leave
Family Medical Leave  Family Medical Leave is available in medical crisis
Paid Holidays  10 holidays PTO is available
Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • 2 weeks of PTO for the first 5 years
  • 3 weeks of PTO for 5 to 10 years
  • 3 weeks of PTO after 10 years
Employee Assistance Program  Provide financial and professional assistance to employees in legal issues, taxes, etc. 
Employee Discount Discounts on online retailers, gym memberships, mobile plans, museums, events, and Citibank accounts. 
Diversity Program
Tuition Assistance Tuition reimbursement for tuition fees is available.

Citibank Employee Benefits Package

Citibank employee benefits for its staff the best in the industry to work which has great employee retention rates. Citibank offers exceptional health insurance/Citibank employee medical benefits, retirement plan, vision/dental coverage, and vacation & paid time.

Citibank Employee Benefits

Followings are few more comprehensive Citibank employee benefits:

  • Healthcare plan/Citibank Health insurance
  • Citibank Employee Benefits 401 (k) plan, match up to 6%.
  • 16 weeks of maternity plus 12 weeks of paternity leave is available.
  • Up to 4 weeks of PTO and 10 paid holidays
  • Medical insurance for retirees
  • Family medical leave.
  • Employee discounts and Work from Home facility

Citibank employee benefits 401k plan is a remarkably defined contribution plan from Citibank with an ESOP component. Through Citibank employee benefits 401k, the chain matches 100% on up to 6% on employees’ contributions.

Citibank Employee Benefits

Citibank Vacation Policy is another great thing. Citibank offers 10 holidays plus 2 weeks of PTO for all employees to take a break from work. Citibank employee benefits PTO increases on the basis of years.

Citibank offers Citibank employee health benefits through Met Life for all employees and their immediate family members. Citibank Health insurance also covers dental and vision plans.

Does Citibank Employees Benefits with different jobs?

Citibank offers first-class career benefits for its staff which has a great impact on its employees’ career. In fact, Citibank Employee Benefits and Perks is one of the greatest reasons cause of which Citibank is considered a good place to work.

But when it comes to transparency, Citibank employee benefits very from employees job positions and also with the employees’ experience in the field. Evan, they change from regions to regions in the US also.

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Citibank Employee Benefits

Overall, Citibank employee benefits are the best in the industry compared to others. To check the employee benefits of other companies, please visit