Aramark Employee Benefits – What Are Employee Benefits at Aramark?

The following report explains different employee benefits at Aramark and Aramark health insurance. So, if you are looking for details on Aramark Employee Benefits Packages and login process, then have a look at the following post.

Aramark Employee Benefits

To promote the culture of health and well-being, Aramark offers a wide range of comprehensive benefit programs and packages for its employees. Aramark offers exciting Aramark Employee Benefits Package to helps employees with several retirement benefits health and medical benefits to take care of their health, family, finances, and future.

aramark employee benefits

If you’re looking for a job at Aramark, see what comprehensive Aramark employee benefits you can enjoy as a full-time or part-time employee.

What are Aramark Employee Benefits?

Aramark offers the most competitive and flexible benefits packages for employees uniformly across the company.

aramark employee benefits

Here is a brief account of employee benefits at Aramark, which are worth mentioning:

Aramark Employee Benefit Description
Aramark Health Insurance Affordable health insurance to cover medical, dental, and vision insurance for all eligible employees
Aramark Life Insurance Basic life insurance and decent coverage for eligible employees
Aramark 401(k) Plan
  • Aramark employee benefits 401(k) Plan
  • 100% matchings of up to 6% on employee’s contribution
Dental Insurance Affordable Dental coverage for preventive dental care and service for employees and their dependents.
Maternity & Paternity Leave Granted Maternity & Paternity Leaves are available.
Military Leave Paid leaves are available for military duty 
Family Medical Leave Generous amount of FMLA is available, needs to be approved
Work from Home
Commuter’s Checks & Assistance Company will pay 40% of various commuting expenses of employees 
Service Awards for Career Milestones Specials awards on reaching specific goals and milestones.
Vacation & Paid Time Off 2 weeks of generous PTO is available
Employee Discount Discounts on meals and other recreational services.
Mobile Phone Discounts 20% discounts on all major mobile careers.
Tuition Assistance Tuition reimbursement is available for approved courses.
Gym Membership Free gyms and healthcare facilities for employees
Identity Protection Insurance Employees are insured against identity theft

Popular Employee Benefits at Aramark

Aramark offers a wide range of comprehensive benefit programs and packages. Aramark also offers monetary and non-monetary Aramark perks for its employees 

Followings are few comprehensive Aramark employee benefits worth mentioning –

  • Aramark Health insurance.
  • 401 (k) match up to 6%.
  • Maternity and paternity leave.
  • PTO starts at 2 weeks
  • Family Medical Leave.
  • Employee discounts on mobile phones.
  • Flexible working hours

Aramark offers decent medical, dental, and vision insurance for eligible employees at cheaper deductibles through Aramark Health insurance.

aramark employee benefits

The company also offers two weeks of paid vacation time per year (PTO) for new employees which increases with time. 

Aramark employee benefit 401(k) program is also available through which the company will match 100% on up to 6% of all participants. The company also offers specials awards like shields, recognition, financial bonuses, etc on reaching specific goals and milestones.

Identity theft protection to employees is another great Aramark employee benefits worth mentioning.

aramark employee benefits

Overall, Aramark’s employee benefits go beyond the common benefits compares to others in the field. Aramark employee benefits aim to enhance employee’s personal and financial security through handsome benefits programs and packages.

Aramark employee benefits for part-time & full time

Aramark maintains an impartial benefits system and offers Aramark Employee Benefits and Perks uniformly across the company regardless of the Job position of employees.

Aramark Employee Benefits for full-time employees are almost the same as part-time employees receive health, life, dental and disability insurance plans.

aramark employee benefits

The only difference is, part-time employees have to enroll themselves for Aramark Employee Benefits whereas salaried employees don’t require so.

Aramark employee benefits phone number

If you have a specific question about Aramark Employee Benefits packages, coverage or specific conditions, have a talk with the support specialists at  1-855-528-BENE (2363).

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